2006 really does hold some interesting things from AMD, with plans for 65nm process chips to be rolled out. This will result in even lower power consumption, becoming more important for AMD with dual core being so popular.

”Last year AMD signed a $50 million agreement with Soitec to supply 200mm and 300mm Unibond wafers, but afterwards rejected plans to commence volume manufacturing using 65nm process technology at its Fab 36, even though it decided to use 300mm wafers for 90nm production lines at the same manufacturing facility.”
AMD will also start using larger 300mm wafers for CPU production, which allows for more room to spread chips on and will result in not only less power consumption, but a decrease in overall cost too. AMD has taken some flack for high chip prices in 2004 and 2005, perhaps now we will see a drop in the prices of the most popular chips using the newer process.