Last year, Japan announced plans to add a hefty tax for imported Hynix DRAM. Hynix is one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, and the impact of a tax to one of the biggest consumers of DRAM would have a pretty large effect on the company. The South Korean Government is fighting back, threatening legal action in Japan as well as filing complaints with the WTO if the tax is not repealed.

This week, the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy described Japan's punitive tax plan as "unreasonable and disappointing", and claimed it has "no legal basis". It said that while discussions between the two nations have sought to resolve the matter, little progress has been made. It also said that it would consider legal action in Japan.
Many other countries already tax imports of Hynix products, including the U.S. and European Union. Hynix has fought them every step of the way as well, but did not prevail. From a consumer standpoint, it means more expensive RAM (at least Hynix-based) in Japan, though other options are open.