More interesting Intel news, 45nm parts are being demonstrated by the chip giant. These aren't CPUs, but SRAM, and the technology is set to be available for market next year. This makes Intel happy of course, being the first to have working useable 45nm product available.

“Being first to high volume with 65nm process technology and the first with a working 45nm chip highlights Intel’s leadership position in chip technology and manufacturing,” said Bill Holt, vice president, general manger, Intel Technology and Manufacturing Group. “Intel has a long history of translating technology leaps into tangible benefits that people appreciate. Our 45nm technology will provide the foundation for delivering PCs with improved performance–per– watt that will enhance the user experience.”
One the largest problems Intel faces, and other manufacturers, is current leakage faced with faster clock speeds on smaller processes. This manufacturing method will allow current leakage to produced, providing a more than linear decrease in power consumption, beneficial to hot desktops and power-starved laptops.