More Wiki trouble, with U.S. Congressional Staff being allowed to wrote “auto-biographies” in a sense for the Congressmen they are working for. This has of course caused trouble, with the integrity of the articles being suspect. A Wiki solution was provided, and that was to just ban everyone:

”In November and December, The Sun has learned, users of the House's IP address were temporarily blocked from changing content because of violations described by the site as a "deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of the encyclopedia."
The primary issue the Wikipedia maintainers included the Congressional Staffers were removing items from Wiki entries that could potentially embarrass or otherwise put any of them in a negative light, whether or not it was factual, as well as outright vandalism of other Wiki entries for a Congressmen. They aren't denying it, either, with some outright openly saying they admit to telling their staffers to adjust the articles. It seems, at least in the short run, any article with a remote possibility of controversy can certainly become suspect over time.