How far can guilt really go in the corporate world? We're heard earlier today about how 2005 was the worst year for spyware and adware, and with companies blatantly denying spyware-like activities while obviously doing it, it doesn't seem to be getting better. The FTC hopes that guilt can heal. The FTC's plan is to specifically target companies that utilize adware and spyware in an attempt to either discredit or shame the company into changing their behaivor.

"The dissemination of harmful, un-removable programs that frustrate consumers' ability to control their own computers is digital carjacking, and we intend to vigorously prosecute it," she said in a speech. "Spyware presents serious new challenges in detection, apprehension and enforcement, but through litigation, the FTC has successfully challenged the distribution of spyware."
There are many attempts to do this currently run by individuals or other non-profits, and this practice in general isn't anything new. There are many sites in which horror stories of company behavior is made public, for better or for worse. It's worth trying, at least, with many businesses plainly stating they will do it as long as it is effective, despite the outcry against it.