Say goodbye to legacy, at least for parallel ATA. Intel's latest revision on their ICH chipsets, ICH8, will give many benefits to the user of the system, including Active Management Technology, which system administrators are sure to be happy about. It'll also support native RAID with up to 6 disks... SATA only. Something has to be sacrificed, of course, and that sacrifice is the Parallel ATA connector. No more IDE CDROMs or hard drives for the newer Intel boards.

That will be a little tough on people upgrading, because even though SATA hard drives are common, SATA optical drives are much less so. It seems that the aging standard floppy connector really did outlive parallel ATA to a noticeable degree. Intel is also disposing of the stock AC97 Audio, which for an avid gamer or enthusiast really won't mean much. The new ICH8 chips will appear in both entry-level and performance-oriented boards based on different revisions.