Samsung has found themselves in a bit of hot water, with a lawsuit against them filed by some big players like Fox, Paramount, Time Warner, Universal and Disney. The reason? A particular model of Samsung DVD ROM, the DVD-HD841, can apparently be used to circumvent encryption technology used to prevent unauthorized duplication. That model of drive, however, hasn't been available for a year and a half. Samsung is as of yet undecided as to how they will handle this issue.

``In fact, we do not exactly know the contents of the lawsuit and the intention of the plaintiffs. We have yet to receive the complaint,’’ a Samsung spokesman said.
Encryption circumvention isn't exactly new, and it happens every day. Will targeting a single product produced by one company over a year ago have any real effect on the state of the market today? Probably not, but it could have future impliciations for companies producing enthusiast hardware such as HD-DVD and BluRay burners