In a press release issued yesterday, OCZ Technology Group announced the development and soon demonstration of some of the fastest memory to hit the market. OCZ is announcing their PC2-8000 Gold XTC (DDR2) series of memory, which will operate at speed exceeding DDR 1000MHz, making it faster than even DDR600 and DDR2-800. OCZ will be demonstrating these new modules at the CeBIT exhibit this year. This is potentially where DDR2 can really shine above DDR, having earned a poor performance rep to date. At speeds this fast, though, performance deficitis due to higher latencies is all but forgotten.

The PC2-8000 Gold XTC Series will be offered in 512MB and 1GB (1024MB) modules, as well as 1GB (2x512) and 2GB (2x1024) dual channel kits. The modules are rated to run at 1000MHz (DDR2-1000) at timings of 5-6-6-15. All OCZ Technology memory is back by an industry leading Lifetime Warranty and direct Technical Support.
As with other XTC modules, they will come with OCZ's newly introduced heatspreaders and lifetime warranties. Having 2GB kits available right off the bat is going to be nice as well, especially since having extremely fast quantities of large amounts of RAM is becoming almost a must for newer software.