Take a look at this early peek of one of the first nForce 5 DDR-2 motherboards designed around the new AMD M2 socket. That CPU socket is extremely dense, and the PCB for the CPU is going to be fairly large, though we expected that with over 1000 pins. This ABit board, supporting DDR2-1066 memory, faster than any stock Intel board today, PCI-Express x32(2 x16) and having 6 SATA-II RAID / Dual GigE, definitely looks like it is going to shine(at least particular models). ASUS and DFI have been duking it out for the spot of top board, so we're eagerly anticipating what they are going to bring to M2. Now that M2 will shortly come along to replace 939, it is wondered what will happen to Socket 754 as the "low-budget" A64 line with the Sempron. Will 939 become the low budget line, or will it dissapear into the night, leaving the much older 754 as the alternative?