So what about a Dual-GPU Radeon? Not a problem, apparently, if you're ready to fork over $399. Not an incredible amount judging by today's standards of video card costs, but definitely not lightweight either. Starting with a series called "Gemini", based on the X1000 Series GPU, Infotek is gearing up to release one of the first commercially available dual GPU solutions in a long while.

We also have another product we’ll be releasing, a dual GPU graphics card, which we’ve tentatively named “Gemini.” It’ll be based on the X1000 series GPU from ATI and will have four DVI output ports which can simultaneously display four different DVD streams. Our objective here is to get into the video market. This probably will be available by April after we display it at CeBIT and fine tune the drivers. We’ll probably first launch the X1600XT high-end version for around US$399.
You'd expect ATI to be working on the drivers, and not their retailers, though often companies will adjust packages specifically to suit their particular models. What use would one have for four different DVD streams I can't imagine, at least not in a home setting, but a single card that supoprts 4 displays out of the box would be pretty cool.