MSN is going to be getting a facelift of sorts in Microsoft's continued efforts against Google. Microsoft has release a beta version of the revamped search engine designed for MSN dubbed "Windows Live Search", and is available for use on The plan is to replace MSN's current search with Windows Live Search once enough testing has been completed and feedback received. Microsoft has very high hopes, it seems:

"A lot of people think, 'Hey, ... Didn't Google become the popular search engine? And don't they just do a great job? And there's no room for improvement,'" Mehdi said. Once people get a feel for Windows Live Search, Mehdi said, "They're going to say, 'Holy cow, I had no idea that search could get this much better!'"
From enhanced previews of pages to “support for tabbed web browsing” (however that affects a search engine), all search results being dynamically displayed on a single page (Gooooooooooooooooooogle ?) and others, it's another of those things that sounds good on paper. Go ahead and try it out for yourself over at