In a press release issued today, Axper announced the production of new cards based upon the S25 and S27 Chrome chipsets which have been lauded for their extremely efficient power use. The models available are the XV-527265D and the XV-525128D. They feature a 700MHz and 500MHz core clock, respectively, and 800MHz / 700MHz Memory, respectively. The faster version has 256MB of RAM.

When we were looking for a GPU that offered compelling value for our customers, we found that the S3 Graphics Chrome S20 series enabled us to stand out from the pack, in terms of offering a stunning visual experience and a leading feature set,? commented Leader Yeh, Axper. ?The Axper XV-S27256D and XV-S25128D graphics cards are a valuable addition to our product line-up and will be offered throughout our global distribution channels.
We've seen the results of the S20 series in action in the past. While performance isn't the strong point, they give the highest performance per watt of any GPU available and offer cards that fit a perfect niche inside embedded or media center machines in which heat can be a concern. The availability dates of these cards was not mentioned in the release.