Good news for Mac fans that have desires of running Windows on their machines - there has been the creation of a method for booting XP alongside Apple's Mac OS X on Apple's Intel processor-based Macs. See here for the software you will need.

The procedure was created on behalf of Onmac's owner, who said he sought to run both Windows XP and Mac OS X on his MacBook Pro portable and thus offered a reward to the person who could make it happen.

Others donated money to the effort, and the pot eventually swelled to near $14,000, the site reported.

As proof of its efforts, the site now offers a downloadable package containing the procedure and boot files it says are necessary to create a dual-boot machine.
Efforts to get Linux booting on the Intel processor-based Macs are apparently going well too; developer Edgar "Gimli" Hucek has claimed to have been able to boot a copy of Gentoo Linux on the platform.