Console aficionados will be pleased to hear that the first Nintendo Revolution screenshots have been revealed. Screenshots of Red Steel, a game by Ubisoft, have been scanned and posted online on a gamer’s blog, sourced from an issue of Game Informer magazine due out in May. The images seem to be genuine, and seemingly enough detail can be made out to get gamers pretty excited.

As all had hoped, it appears that users will be able to use the Revolutions unique controller to point and shoot, as well as participate in sword combat. Based on Nintendo’s motion-sensor technology, the angle and distance from the screen determines movement and actions.

Further good news for Nintendo fans is the apparent good quality of the game itself. With many comparisons being made between the Revolutions lack of power to that of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the high quality of the graphics should encourage those who were concerned about the Revolutions capabilities.