Warner Home Video has announced that it is to offer hybrid DVD / HD-DVD titles. These will feature 480p DVD content suitable for any DVD player on one side, and 1080p HD-DVD content on the other side. The first release under this format will be "Rumor Has It" with Jennifer Anniston and Kevin Kostner.

The hybrid DVD / HD-DVD concept is a good one, as it will allow consumers to avoid purchasing two versions of the same movie while they get ready to make the full switch to HD-DVD (or Blu-ray, which is obviously a whole different story). On the other hand, considering the box office flop that was "Rumor Has It," it's not unlikely that we'll be able to find both the DVD and HD-DVD version in the bargain bin for far less than $40 combined within a few weeks. We'll be hoping that Warner's next hybrid releases will be somewhat more compelling.