You'd never imagine you would hear “Intel warming up to AMD” or even promoting, but the shock level is just the same when you hear about IBM doing exactly that. IBM has developed and used their own processors for decades, and although an official comment hasn't been released from the largest IT company in the world, there is plenty of room for speculation:

"I don't want to speculate when and if we would expand our activities here, but there's no question HP and Sun have benefited by having a broader Opteron portfolio than we've had," Zeitler said. "There are a whole bunch of business considerations that would say we would have done better had we had a four-(processor) Opteron product."
IBM isn't new to using other companies products in their services, and IBM they do have the freedom to pretty much do as they wish, so it makes sense that they may use AMD products, and has said good things about it in use. As the article brings out, this leaves Dell as the only top-tier server provider in the world that uses only Intel exclusively. A sign of things yet to come?