Often in pursuit of frames per second, we forget that not everyone is after the absolute fastest card out there. Becoming just as common is the need for silence, and Biostar's recent additions to the GeForce line add just that. Biostar has released two cards based on the GeForce 7 series, one a 7300 and one a 7600 GT. The 7300 has the same feature level as the 7600GT, but is clocked at slower speeds to allow i t to be completely passively coooled. That being said, Biostar's V7302GT21 as it is called still runs faster than a stock 7300, which may appeal to some who want a bit more edge out of the box without overclocking themselves. Both cards are Pci-Ex of course, and both feature GDDR3. Aside from that, the cards are about what you'd expect from a GeForce 7 based card.