Blue Security has been forced to stop all anti-spam operations, after a series of attacks against the company by an angry spammer, which included full blown distributed denial-of-service attacks. The company was behind the Do Not Intrude Registry and the BlueFrog service, which allows users to fight back against spammers by spamming them back, but has now been forced to stop after a mysterious hacker kept attacking Blue Security.

The series of tough DDoS attacks completely took out Blue’s site and service, and additionally caused problems for millions of bloggers who host their blogs with Six Apart Ltd's Typepad and LiveJournal services. Seemingly this was all the work of "PharmaMaster" - a hacker of what is believed to be Russian origin. The hacker spammed Blue's users, threatening to spam them further unless they uninstalled BlueFrog and quit the service. Finally, PharmaMaster began some devastating DDoS attacks.

"After recovering from the attack, we determined that once we reactivated the Blue Community, spammers would resume their attacks," Blue said in a letter to its members. "We cannot take the responsibility for an ever-escalating cyber war through our continued operations."