In the eyes of most, very little is done to combat identity theft or fraud, especially when it takes place on the Internet, crossing country boundaries and extending the globe. And what work is done, despite the best efforts of many, millions every year are defrauded, some out of lack of knowledge, some of out of sheer bad luck. Luckily, there is work being done, and recently as the result of an ongoing investigation, around 565 people were arrested in fraud schemes that took people for over a billion dollars worth. Primarily, these people were carrying scams out over the Internet and other mass communication like telemarketing. The arrests have happened in the U.S., Canada, Costa Rica, the Netherlands and Spain.

Though it's really a drop in the bucket, it's good that something is being done, if not better education of those using the Internet in the first place. It's a sad truth that not everyone can be made aware of or how to properly recognize scams, and as long as those people are around, other people will be around to take things from them.