Could the development team over at Mozilla behind the infamous Firefox browser be considering removing support for Windows OS'es older than 2000? While not many people make use of Windows 95 today, many people do continue to use Windows 98 and Windows ME, but the direction that Firefox is taking, it seems that soon support for them will be dropped. In an effort to stamp out as many bugs as possible and continue to improve stability, as well as many Firefox easily portable to other platforms, developers are working on a patch and an eventual dropping of a code branch that will result in version 3.0 of Firefox being 2000 and above exclusively, which has upset many people. While it doesn't prevent other teams from modifying the code to again work with 98 and releasing that, it may alienate a large user base. Would this impact you? It would be very interesting to see some figures as to what percentage of Windows Firefox users are using Windows 98/ME.