The AM2 Windsor core CPU from AMD that has 2x1MB L2 cache is going to have an extremely short lifespan it seems, as AMD has started removing references to the CPU from pricing guides and is asking vendors to favor 512KB cache parts currently. The exact reason isn't known, and seems to be quite rushed, considering the introduction of the new CPU was just a few weeks ago. The part is a 90nm process dual-core CPU with nothing else particularly fancy about it, and AMD has many other parts with 1MB or more L2 cache, so this does make me curious.

The article makes a good point about the cost effectiveness of the CPU, and it has been shown that the Athlon64 based CPUs are less sensitive to fluctuations in L2 cache than the Pentium, so it may not affect the desktop as much as it seems. This might even be a marketing ploy, a way to get people to gobble up the few 2x1MB parts available, but more likely we will see a return of this CPU down the road no matter what.