If you have been waiting for the Xbox 360 to drop in price before you went and picked one up, you may want to stop waiting. It seems there will be no drop in pricing for the console anywhere in the near future, despite the persistent rumors as of late that hinted otherwise. While a price drop would have been welcome, especially to people not willing to plunk down enormous amounts of cash for a new console, a price drop does not make much sense right now. Consider that the PS3 and Wii have not yet come to market, leaving Microsoft with the only next-gen console even for sale, and that the cost of the console is already less than the cost to produce one. That, combined with dismal sales in certain areas (such as Japan), the incentive for a price drop

That doesn't mean you can't get lucky and find one on sale through a local retailer, but I wouldn't count on anything reaching rock-bottom prices for a long time to come. The biggest impact for the 360 will probably be the release of the PS3 and Wii.