Even though WiMAX has seen very little propagation around the world, Intel is still preparing to ship it's second generation of WiMAX chips in volume. The 802.16E supporting Rosedale 2 chipset is already being sampled, but likely won't be in the hands of customers until WiMAX becomes more common and starts becoming standard or integrated into particular platforms:

However, due to an insufficient WiMAX infrastructure and the high cost of WiMAX devices, a WiMAX capability will remain only an option for Intel's next-generation integrated wireless platform, Santa Rosa, which is expected to arrive in March 2007, the sources noted. An earlier report indicated that Santa Rosa will support the 802.11n multi-input multi-output (MIMO) WiFi standard.
Intel is also releasing the Ofer-R this year, which will support both traditional wireless and WiMAX.