Now that both AMD and Intel are primarily using DDR2 memory technology, sales of this memory type are going to accelerate quite significantly without a doubt. For now DDR2-667 looks to be the new DDR400, until higher DDR2 memory frequencies become more standard. Having that said, the original DDR memory is not going any where in a hurry, as the majority of AMD systems in circulation still use DDR memory. OCZ knows this, and as a result they are still churning out new DDR memory modules every day, with the latest being their “Limited Edition” memory known as the "OCZ DDR PC3200 Special Ops Edition".

OCZ guarantees these modules will operate at CAS2.5-3-3-8 with just 2.8 volts of power. Nonetheless, thanks to OCZ’s “Extended Voltage Protection” feature these modules can operate at 3.0v ±5% and still be covered by their Lifetime Warranty.

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