Now that both AMD and Intel are primarily using DDR2 memory technology, sales of this memory type are going to accelerate quite significantly without a doubt. For now DDR2-667 looks to be the new DDR400, until higher DDR2 memory frequencies become more standard. Having that said, the original DDR memory is not going any where in a hurry, as the majority of AMD systems in circulation still use DDR memory. OCZ knows this, and as a result they are still churning out new DDR memory modules every day, with the latest being their “Limited Edition” memory known as the “OCZ DDR PC3200 Special Ops Edition”.

Sounds very official and quite covert does it not? Well these military edition memory modules are probably just what avid Rainbow Six and Battlefield 2 gamers have been waiting for. While memory modules like those from the Corsair Pro series light up when active, giving away their position like a signal flare, the OCZ Special Ops Edition memory modules remain hidden in the vast jungle gamers call computer cases. Okay, well despite their efforts to camouflage, they do not exactly hide inside a computer case.


This is obviously because green, brown and black camo is best suited to outdoor environments. Additionally, it does not help that the majority of the memory module is covered by a chrome honeycomb heatspreader. When you take a look at the various pictures included in this review, you will see exactly what I mean. Honestly, I do not feel chrome was the best option for these memory modules. Now, a black honeycomb heatspreader on the other hand would have looked much better. I know this for a fact as I painted mine black.

And while the appearance of these memory modules will appeal to Battlefield 2 gamers, so will the giant 2GB capacity. These limited Special Ops Edition memory modules only come in 1GB sticks meaning dual-channel kits feature 2GB capacities. Given these memory modules are obviously geared towards gamers, it is important to note that despite their large capacities the timings are still quite good. OCZ guarantees these modules will operate at CAS2.5-3-3-8 with just 2.8 volts of power. Nonetheless, thanks to OCZ’s “Extended Voltage Protection” feature these modules can operate at 3.0v ±5% and still be covered by their Lifetime Warranty.

Furthermore, priced at roughly $200 for the dual-channel 2GB memory kit, these “limited edition” memory modules are quite a good value when compared to other manufacturers similarly configured modules. Read on as I test these memory modules on the AMD 939-pin platform at their default specifications as well as a maximum overclocked configuration.