We've heard the rumors about movie studios potentially releasing films over the Internet, making them available for download. When Warner Bros. decided to use torrents as a medium for content distribution, many other studios took a closer look. Now it seems that BitTorrent will be able to do just that. They have an agreement with four different movie studios that will ultimately allow them to sell movie titles and distribute them via torrents. Hart Sharp Video, Egami Media, Koch Entertainment and The Orchard will all be supplying the titles. We may see this come quite soon, too:

BitTorrent is building a video store from which customers can download movies at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, according to the company. The store is expected to launch sometime in the fall, company executives said.
No particular word on pricing for downloaded titles, and no word on what baggage that may come with in the form of DRM. It's an interesting topic though, and worth paying attention to.