For failing to comply with their requirements, the EU has now officially fined Microsoft the very large sum of 280.5 Million Euros, roughly $385 Million. The demands the EU set forth included documentation from Redmond for other software manufacturers to use the various different Windows protocols. The demands were put in place back in 2004, leaving Microsoft ample time to create something. Of course, Microsoft is going to appeal this right away:

"We do not believe any fine, let alone a fine of this magnitude, is appropriate given the lack of clarity in the Commission's original decision and our good-faith efforts over the past two years," said Brad Smith, Microsoft's general counsel, in a statement.
Even with such large penalties being applied to them, one must wonder if Microsoft sees any value in allowing more competitors to develop using their protocols. The EU actually fined them much less than they originally said they would, but additional fines may be forthcoming should things still not be settled within the next few months.