Sadly dispelling rumors that hinted otherwise, it seems now that AMD will not have the equivalent of “reverse-Hyper-Threading” in their future dual core processors. The concept of “Super Threading”, utilizing multiple CPU cores to handle single threads of a process to improve performance, is something that has seen various iterations in the years past, but has recently become a hot topic due to the penetration of dual-core desktop processors. AMD, however, doesn't yet see that as viable:

Sources with knowledge of the matter told X-bit labs that no technology, which is widely referred to as “reverse-Hyper-Threading” is available in Advanced Micro Devices modern central processing units (CPUs). The information about appropriate technologies is claimed to be “misunderstanding”.
The article goes into greater depth about the K-generation processors AMD will be releasing, and clears up some confusion. Moreover, the only real official details can come from AMD, though the information in the article is very interesting.