Among other things, IBM's recent release of Lotus Notes for Linux has helped improve the image of Linux in the workplace. With a supporter like IBM, companies are more and more looking to Linux as a desktop OS. Currently confined to a limited role in the desktop market, one of the biggest hurdles Linux must overcome is the easy adoption of software used in the workplace. While concerns are being raised about people's willingness to “switch”, the article brings up a good point about how people react to different types of computers:

About one-third of today's workforce has been using computers since childhood, Kerpan noted, and they are more comfortable moving from one computer interface to another than older workers may be. "They use cell phones, iPods, Xboxes and on and on," he said. "Each machine has a different interface, and they don't care. They just tear into them."
IBM's continued support of Linux will probably result in an increase in adoption, one way or the other.