Recently we opened doors to two new additions in our community forums, and so far they have exceeded our expectations. In case you are not a regular member in our boards, this should become yet another good excuse to stop around and meet the hundreds of regulars that have built such a friendly and warm place to exchange technology information, or simply hang around for a while.

The first new addition is the Guides and Solved Issues forum, which is a repository for user-submitted guides, and troubleshooting issues that have already been solved by our members. The forum is already 400+ posts strong, and includes guides such as: Repair Windows XP/2000 if you are unable to boot into Windows, How to build a Dual PSU system using 1 Power on button, How to reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows, How to use Files And Settings Transfer in Windows XP, and Basic Networking.

The second board we opened is called Reviews by Members for Members. We encourage all readers to submit their own reviews of the products you own. If you don't feel like writing a full review though, you can always discuss and share your experiences if you happen to own some of the products already reviewed, among the few that have been posted already: Gigabyte i-RAM review, Xbox 360 Core console, Asus S96J Notebook, Dell Dimension 4600, and Articsoft FileAssurity OpenPGP.