Nintendo continues to get complaints from developers who say that the Wii simply doesn't have the horsepower to run their games. Most recently, the company behind Haze are saying they won't be releasing the title on the Wii because the technology they require just isn't there with the Wii. While losing a few popular titles won't impact Nintendo all that much, if game developers as a whole find that the Wii is lacking, they'd be hard-pressed to spend much time developing for it. With all the planning Nintendo has put into this, they may be expecting some developers to react like this and hopefully are prepared for statements like this:

Is there going to be a Wii version? There are currently no plans for a Wii version of Haze. Sadly, the cutting-edge technology we're using requires more power than the Wii has available. If we could, we would.
Maybe this is just a sign for developers to make better use of what hardware they have, rather than expecting faster and faster. Nintendo does have a lot to live up to, however, and they will have both the 360 and the PS3 to contend with. No word from Nintendo yet.