In a press release issued yesterday, The Khronos Group announced that they will soon be taking control of the OpenGL API standard. OpenGL without a doubt is one of the most popular APIs for graphics in existence, it's only desktop rival being D3D. With support for non-Windows platforms, OpenGL has gained a massive following in the past few years and almost all new games will have some implementation of it. One thing this will bring is supposedly more coherence between the different branches of standards:

As a result of this transition all OpenGL specification-related activities will now occur under the single Khronos participation framework to enable fully-integrated cooperation between these related standards activities so that the OpenGL family may form the foundation for a coherent set of standards to bring advanced 3D graphics to all hardware platforms and operating systems - from supercomputers to jet fighters to cell phones.
While nobody can say for sure whether this will be a good thing or what exact impact it will have on OpenGL, it's encouraging that work is being done. Hopefully this will result in better collaboration and more propagation of OpenGL. The Khronos Group has always been dedicated to open standards for development, which is good for the future of OpenGL.