Good news for T-Mobile Pre-Pay customers - they can now surf the internet from their mobiles for no more than £1 a day. The Web 'n' Walk service was launched yesterday and will enable customers to surf the Net for less than one penny a kilobyte. No more than £1 a day will ever be charged, with any additional usage being free. There are, furthermore, no limitations on the websites customers can visit, although anyone looking at pr0n will have to prove that they are 18 or over. Users are not penalised for accessing the internet several times a day.

T-Mobile has said that 1 kilobyte of data will cost under 1p however to encourage more use, the company is capping the cost of browsing to £1 a day for unlimited access if the customers is signed up to Mates Rates, Text Appeal and Everyone pay-as-you-go plans.
The terms and conditions of the service forbid customers from using the service for modem access for computers, internet based video/audio streaming services, peer to peer file sharing, internet based video download and internet based telephony. Additionally, the service is currently only available on the Motorola v3 RAZR and Nokia 6131, but by the end of the year support for more handsets will have been added.