Sad but true, it seems that heartless organizations like the RIAA rather enjoy going after people with low income and demanding astronomical sums. Despite the numerous instances of "egg on the face" the RIAA has endured, and horrible mistakes they have made in many of their cases, they still relentlessly pursue their goal single-mindedly. Just recently, they dropped a case against a man who had passed away. Their reason?

Our hearts go out to the Scantleberry family for their loss. We had decided to temporarily suspend the productive settlement discussions we were having with the family. Mr. Scantleberry had admitted that the infringer was his stepson, and we were in the process settling with him shortly before his passing. Out of an abundance of sensitivity, we have elected to drop this particular case.
While this seems "sensitive" on the surface, the truth is that initially they were still suing the family after the man died, giving them "60 days" to grieve before they continued. Such compassion. Thanks to HardOCP for pointing this story out. It really goes to show how little concern the RIAA has for anything except money. At least they wised up before it was too late.