The dawn of WiMax in the UK has got one step closer: Pipex Wireless, a joint venture between Pipex and Intel, has successfully completed the latest phase of its WiMax wireless wide area network trials. The trials, which took place in Stratford-upon-Avon, were to evaluate the performance of Pipex Wireless WiMax-based broadband services, both indoors and outdoors. Intel Rosedale chipsets were used in the tests.

The tests showed that internal antennas were able to sustain speeds in excess of 2Mbps up and down at a range of 1.2km from the base station. External antennas were able to manage speeds of 10Mbps down and 9Mbps up, at a test house located 1.2km from the base station.

One might contend that the internal speeds are not too impressive when compared with today's broadband, but according to Graham Currier, business development director at Pipex, the real triumph is that WiMax can offer these speeds almost symmetrically.

Further trials are planned for this year (the next phase will see a commercial trial with a local council and business users), with a roll-out of services to major cities planned for next year.