If you're a fan of the very popular BF series, you definitely will want to check out this preview of Battlefield 2142. Normally, game previews don't interest me that much because it's typically all hype. With games of this nature, crafted specifically for multiplayer, they tend to be a bit better. Reading the article does give a good idea of what we can expect. The idea of a ranking system determining your level of privileges in the game as with Battlefield 2 will make a return, including the concept of unlocking more of the game as you progress. The selection of “kits” is low, but the unlockable content is greater, making for a more customizable character.

Other features in 2142 will be enhancements upon BF2. It's moving away from the typical scenes we see in BF2 however, and looks like it will be focusing more on squad play. It's definitely worth reading if you are interested in the series. Let's all hope DICE doesn't disappoint!