Penny Arcade has been one of the longest running webcomic/commentary sites ever, and often kept me entertained for many hours on end. Recently, The Seattle PI did an interview with the foudners of PA, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krakulik. They talk about their perspective on the gaming industry and future developments, as well as a bit of history. They also go a bit into PAX, an event they have planned to bring gamers together, and why they conceived the idea:

[Krahulik]: The idea is that most people who play games don't get to attend events like E3 or GDC. The goal of PAX is to bring in all these major companies like the ones you mentioned and then give ordinary gamers access to them. It's not a show for corporations, it's a show for gamers and we bring in the corporations for them.
Like most commentary sites, there's bound to be something in their articles you disagree with. Regardless, they've done a good job of maintaining a gaming-oriented site that has kept many people entertained for years.