Boosting TiVo's penetration further, most recently Cox has entered into an agreement with them to provide TiVo services to existing customers. Not requiring a hardware upgrade, the service will be able to make remote changes to enable latent functionality:

The TiVo service for Cox DVR set top boxes will not require new DVR set top boxes. Instead the software will simply replace the existing software on compatible DVR set top boxes and allow users to enjoy TiVo services. There’s no mention which Cox DVR set top boxes are compatible, though its most likely limited to the Motorola DCT-6412 series set top boxes
The new service will arrive in 2007, and the original article provides no information on what it will cost Cox or their customers. A lot of people predicted the fall of TiVo multiple times, especially when services like OnDemand became widely accessible. The opposite seems to be happening, though.