We're all used to waiting weeks or even months for Microsoft to fix critical security flaws. Often with 3rd-party patches being available before the official fix, Microsoft has often stated that time is needed to properly test patches to make sure they work in all environments. It's interesting, then, that it took them only three days to “patch” a function that allowed a program to strip DRM information from WMA files. The purpose of the stripping? Most likely, to let someone use it in any type of player or on any type of media they want. A very handy thing, that, especially if you've bought the music online or made it from a CD you own and want to move it somewhere else. Of course, with the chance that it could assist piracy, Microsoft released the update yesterday that prevents this from occurring.

It's good to know they have our best interests in mind when doing this. Or, could it be that they are making sure the road is paved for their soon to be released iPod rival?