Y-E Data Inc. is getting ready to release a new wireless hub, a device which lets you use virtually any USB peripheral wirelessly. Equipped with 4 ports, the "Ultra Wideband Wireless Hub" can supposedly achieve data throughput rates of 100mbps at a distance of 10 meters, giving it plenty of bandwidth for the majority of USB devices. The idea is to let certain home or home office devices, like printers, scanners, cameras, controllers, et cetera, to be used further away from the PC and not be restricted to the immediate desk area. It sounds neat, for sure. Likely it will be unable to power devices via the wireless USB modules, so you're looking at it only being useful if the device has batteries or plugs in. Don't worry about it interfering with other wireless devices you have, as it operates in the 4.2 to 4.7GHz range, which lies outside 802.11a/b/g frequencies. It'll first appear in Japan this October.