Electronic Arts is to release a new compilation of EA games from the 90s exclusively for the PSP system. These will be launched under the EA brand, and will be in stores from November 15, 2006. Electronic Arts claims EA Replay will give PSP consumers an unprecedented glimpse into EA's past, and will give gamers what loved about video games in the first place. EA Replay is, they claim, a rich compilation of classic EA IP that stays true to the original experiences. EA Replay will be available only for the PSP, but the games featured in the compilation were originally released for a variety of games platforms. It is set to sell for $19.99

So far, the games due for replay include B.O.B., Budokan, Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Haunting Starring Polterguy, Mutant League Football, Road Rash, Road Rash II, Road Rash III, Syndicate, Ultima: The Black Gate, Virtual Pinball, Wing Commander and Wing Commander: Secret Missions.