Nine years is what he got, and nine years is what he'll serve for a recently convicted notorious spammer who lost his appeal. Rated amongst the top 10 spammers in the world, Jeremy Jaynes, who peddled "sham" products as well as various other scams was raking in around $750,000 a month when he was caught, and the court has upheld his 9 year jail term for his crimes:

In its unanimous ruling, the appeals court wrote that Virginia has a "legitimate public interest" in policing unsolicited e-mail and that the state anti-spamming law's impact on interstate commerce "is incidental and clearly not excessive."
He was caught last year, and despite his pleas and promises that he "won't do it again", but the court wasn't ready to hear it. While he may appeal again in the future, for now one of the world's worst spammers will be behind bars.