The director of Hewlett Packard, George Keyworth, has chosen to step down after it was revealed that he was responsible for many of the recent media leaks. After HP took a bit of egg on the face for admitting they had been covertly spying on their upper management, their investigations revealed that Keyworth was responsible for a leak in January of 2006. While it's part of Keyworth's duties to communicate with the press, he apparently overstepped his boundaries:

"I acknowledge that I was a source for a CNET article that appeared in January 2006," Keyworth said. "I was frequently asked by HP corporate communications officials to speak with reporters--both on the record and on background--in an effort to provide the perspective of a longstanding board member with continuity over much of the company's history."
Interestingly enough, this article appears on the very same site that Keyworth got in trouble for leaking information to in the first place. Even more interesting, HP's official statement says that his intentions were still in the best interest of HP.