After much talk, nVidia has rolled out the world's first 80nm process GPU. Designed for the GeForce Go 7700, it's a very similar to its predecessors with a 450MHz operating speed and 12 pixel processors. On a specification level, it's identical to the 7600 Go, but the reduced process should result in lower power consumption. They are currently being tight-lipped about the changes:

Given Nvidia Corp. did not release a lot of technical specifications concerning the new GeForce Go 7700 GPUs at the time of formal announcement, still describing the part as "designed to deliver levels of visual performance and quality that both movie fans and gamers can appreciate", the aforementioned claims regarding the tech specs may contain certain inaccuracies.
Already retailers are looking to offer products that have the newer chipset in it. As nVidia begins using 80nm for their other GPUs, we'll probably see them able to be clocked faster. ATI is likely to follow suit.