If you are a technology history buff, there's an interesting blurb with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, over his new book, "iWoz". Wozniak, a crucial component of Apple for many years including its inception, tells a much different story of Apple history than other people do, including some movies. He talks not only about his relationship with the company, but also his relationship with Steve Jobs and the supposed bad blood between them:

He also still counts Jobs among his friends, and in an interview said that any differences between them were very minor and a "little bit misinterpreted."
I found the blurb to be interesting and possibly the book too because Wozniak, unlike many other founders of technology companies, is still largely a techie. Wozniak still does work for Apple, despite his other pursuits, which goes to show that he hasn't left the company he helped found ages ago.