AMD's move to 65nm is a long time in coming, but is still going under revision before it reaches us. Now AMD will be altering slightly the differentiation between the 65nm parts and the 90nm parts, spreading the clock differences between models by only 100MHz. For example, the 65nm 4400+ will operate at 2.3GHz, whereas the 90nm 4400+ operates at 2.2GHz. This is actually a shift down from the original plan, which called for the 65nm parts to operate at 200Mhz higher than their older cousins.

On the plus side, AMD's newer parts will have a very nice TDP of only 65W, and could be here as early as this November. We'll also see the introduction of a 6000+ part, operating at a smoking 3GHz, using the existing 90nm process. Technically, it is part of the FX family, but will retain the older naming convention. AMD is starting to feel the heat from Core 2 and likely will be coming up with all sorts of goodies in the next few quarters.