Looking for a sub $100 PC? While some were disappointed that the SHIL laptop would not be available for regular sale, a company based in Taiwan is making available for mass and individual sale a sub-$100 PC, one packed with functionality. The "TU-40" from E-Way is a tiny little guy, sporting a highly-integrated 200MHz CPU, possibly the SiS SOC platform. It's similar to the MicroClient Jr line from NorhTec, announced last month. But seems to have a marginally smaller price along with a slightly faster CPU. For the price, you're getting a lot: VGA and serial ports (optional), USB and ethernet, MiniPCI expansion slot, compact flash adapter and IDE interface, PS/2 connectors and many other customizable features.

While it is supposedly available now from eWay Technology Systems, I had difficulty finding the TU-40 for order. The MicroClient Jr, very similar, can easily be acquired from NorhTec. It's possible E-Way is not currently offering it in the U.S. or areas outside of Asia. Certainly not usable as a beefy desktop, a system like this is often perfect for people looking to incorporate thin clients, craft small home-brew routers, create wireless CPE devices, et cetera.