World of Warcraft gamers are seeing a rise in the plague of online scammers, with a recently released trojan wreaking havoc on many. Certain websites have been seeded to exploit a vulnerability in Windows and Internet Explorer that loads a trojan onto the system for the sole purpose of stealing account names and passwords from WoW players:

Many WoW gamers have been hit by the scam and a good number are having difficulty getting access to their account, even after following the instructions of Blizzard Entertainment, the game's developer. "As there are many players affected by this issue, it may take some time for our Account Administration team to reach your issue and verify your ownership, so please be patient while waiting for a response," Eilanai wrote in response to an earlier forum thread on the issue.
WoW players beware. Online accounts like these are often targets, due to the huge number of people playing and the relative difficulty in tracking the culprits and even proving harm was done. The article doesn't mention if updated AV suites will stop the trojan, so it's important to watch where you browse.