Any shop tech will tell you that one of the most annoying and frustrating aspects of new technology, cool as it might be, is the endless cycle of incompatibility. Often times companies will order motherboards and CPUs based only on what information the vendor gives, oblivious to the fact that often times motherboards held in inventory often have outdated BIOSes that don't work with newer CPUs until they are flashed. That's all fine and good if you have a spare CPU lying around, but what if you don't?

AMD is sensitive to that issue, and they are working with chipset and motherboard manufacturers to put an end to it. With a new technology dubbed “SafeBoot”, AMD is looking to offer a generic set of instructions on all CPUs and chipsets that will ignore the CPUs microcode, allowing any motherboard to boot and the BIOS be flashed if the board does not yet support that chip. While no release date or supported CPUs/chipsets are available yet, should AMD manage to get this on all their future products it will be a huge benefit to both companies producing PCs and the individual customer buying boxes off the shelves.