In an effort to help appease the EU, Microsoft is continuing with their plan of a stripped down Vista specifically for that region. They are also crafting a modified version of the new OS for South Korea, all to help avoid future lawsuits and legal issues like the huge ones Microsoft is facing off right now in the EU.

"Microsoft agreed to make each of the changes that the Commission advises us today. Having made these changes, the company and (Microsoft Chief Executive) Steve Ballmer feel comfortable moving forward, feel confident that we are in compliance with our EU competition law obligation," said Brad Smith, an attorney for Microsoft. Whether the changes made will appease the EU remain to be seen.
Months ago, Microsoft complained that the EU's restrictions and penalties may result in Vista being significantly delayed, at least in Europe. That isn't happening, despite these changes, and Vista will release on-time everywhere. I'd like to hear the details on what is being removed, and in the long run it will be interesting to see how much of an impact having various features disabled or removed from Vista has on European markets.